Importance of Maintenance Checks for Air Conditioners and other HVAC Systems

27/03/2018By Robert MacoviakBlog, Home Insurance

Insurance carriers are starting to order more underwriting reviews when it comes to renewals and the writing of new home insurance policies. Homeowners can be better prepared for these types of reviews or inspections by scheduling annual or semi-annual maintenance checks on air conditioners, water heaters, and other HVAC systems in the home. Underwriting Inspections … Read More

3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Condominium Insurance

28/12/2017By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

Whether you live in a traditional house or own a condominium, the right insurance policy can protect you from liability, accidents, and unexpected problems with your home. Despite the similarities between the two, condo insurance is its own distinct class of policies protecting condo owners from hazards unique to living in a multi-family structure. Before … Read More

House Insurance and Attractive Nuisances

13/12/2017By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

A person can keep a home in immaculate condition and the lawn in pristine shape, and still be at risk for injury or lawsuits due to the presence of an attractive nuisance. It is important to know how owning certain permanent fixtures or personal property, known as attractive nuisances, can impact a house insurance policy. Types of … Read More