Owning a Trampoline: House Insurance

10/08/2017By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

Trampolines are a lot of fun and many can be found in the backyards of residential dwellings (I cannot imagine the amount of hours that I have played on trampolines when I was younger). However, there is risk associated with owning a trampoline. All of the jumping and gymnastic tricks done on them, make trampolines … Read More

Homeowners Insurance as it Pertains to Operating or Utilizing an In-Home Daycare

20/07/2017By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

Operating an in-home daycare business from a personal residence comes with homeowners insurance liability and potential property damage concerns. There are also liability worries for people who take their own children to an in-home daycare provider. Running a daycare from a private dwelling should be something that a policyholder addresses with their insurance agent, and the … Read More