Is Flood Insurance Worth it in Florida?

06/08/2022By Robert MacoviakFlood Insurance

In the wake of so many natural disasters, people are asking if flood insurance is worth it in Florida. Considering the recent hurricanes and storms that have caused so much damage in the state, many people are wondering if they need this type of insurance coverage. While flood coverage can be a great way to … Read More

The Most Common Flood Insurance Myths

27/08/2021By Robert MacoviakFlood Insurance

The flood insurance industry is a $3 billion dollar industry. Yet many people are still unaware of flood insurance myths that exist around flooding and flood risk management. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the common misconceptions about flood insurance to provide you with more information on what flood insurance covers and … Read More

What is Flood Insurance and Why You Need It?

28/04/2021By Robert MacoviakFlood Insurance

Every year, people who live in flood-prone areas are faced with the decision of whether they should purchase flood insurance. It is a difficult choice because there is so much information to sift through and decipher. This blog post will answer all your questions about what it means to have flood insurance, why you need … Read More