Does a Small Business Really Need Insurance?

24/04/2020By Robert MacoviakBusiness Insurance

Around three-quarters of American small businesses lack vital insurance, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Disasters and legal action can easily destroy these companies. Your small firm probably needs coverage for one or more reasons: Liability If customers visit your office, shop or any other building, your small business should have insurance. There’s always a risk that … Read More

Insurance for Small Business Accountants

09/04/2020By Robert MacoviakBusiness Insurance

Accountants perform a crucial service for individuals, families, and small businesses. Whether providing tax advice or helping a company perform an audit, an accountant’s advice can mean the difference between a person or business having smoothly running finances or descending into fiscal turmoil. Unfortunately, ours being a litigious society, an accountant can be sued for … Read More

Top Benefits of Insurance to Small Businesses

29/02/2020By Robert MacoviakBusiness Insurance

Running a business involves a wide range of responsibilities for the welfare of its employees and clients. Business activities affect these stakeholders in costly ways. Therefore, as a business owner, you should acquire insurance to protect your enterprise from any financial risk. Here are some of the importance of having business insurance. Helps Keep Your … Read More