Insurance for small business: Will you need an ‘Errors & Omissions’ policy?

20/01/2017By Robert MacoviakBusiness Insurance

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, and are looking to start a professional service (consultancy) business, a professional liability policy might be in order. By nature, business owners are generally optimistic folks, says Inc. magazine.  Consequently, you may not be the type to be thinking about all the worse-case scenarios that could potentially turn your adventure into a gloomy—and expensive—experience. As such, the … Read More

Learn How to Switch Insurance for a Small Business

19/10/2016By Robert MacoviakBusiness Insurance

Running a business is tough, and you know that it’s important to carry the right kinds of financial protection. Some insurance policies are required by law, and other policies are optional, but they safeguard your business. Different forms of insurance prevent unnecessary loss exposures that could put your company’s finances at risk. Why Get Insurance … Read More