Auto Insurance Tips

24/03/2021By Robert MacoviakAuto Insurance

Do you want to make sure that your auto insurance costs are as low as possible? There are things you can do in order to save money on your car insurance. The first thing is making sure you have the proper coverage. You might be paying for coverage that doesn’t apply to your needs or … Read More

Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Car Insurance

22/01/2021By Robert MacoviakAuto Insurance

Many people do everything that they can to save money. Some things are worth it, like saving money on your groceries and other necessities. However, there are times when buying cheap isn’t always better. Car insurance is one of those things.  Here are some reasons not to buy cheap car insurance.  Cheap Insurance Won’t Cover … Read More

Car Accident: After a Collision

27/11/2020By Robert MacoviakAuto Insurance

Many people have been in a car accident. The problem that often arises in trying to determine how much damage has been inflicted on one’s vehicle and how much it may cost to repair. Just because it looks like a minor fender bender doesn’t mean that hidden damage has not taken place from the shock … Read More