Many people have been in a car accident. The problem that often arises in trying to determine how much damage has been inflicted on one’s vehicle and how much it may cost to repair. Just because it looks like a minor fender bender doesn’t mean that hidden damage has not taken place from the shock of collision.

Some examples of hidden damage include:

  • Damage to the electrical system, which includes loosened wires to various parts of the vehicle, including brake lights, taillights, headlights, and the battery. The battery itself may have been jarred out of its position. Electrical system damage could result in difficulty in starting the vehicle over time.
  • Various fluids, including coolant, oil, and transmission fluid, may have sprung a leak. Leakage of any fluid will cause a breakdown by the side of the road.
  • The vehicle may have been thrown out of alignment. This kind of damage will result in the car pulling to one side and uneven tire wear.
  • The engine or transmission may have sustained damage. Failure for either of these systems could be severe if left unattended.
  • The shock of the collision may have transmitted to the rest of the vehicle, causing damage to its frame.
  • Even minor scratches can result in rust which, if left unattended, can spread to the rest of the vehicle, and cause long term and extensive damage.

The temptation, after having what looks like a fender bender, is to let the matter go and drive on. This course of action is unwise. As soon as you can after the accident, you should drive your vehicle to a collision specialist for a thorough examination. A technician can then ascertain what if any hidden damage the car has sustained and recommend a course of action. While repair of the hidden damage may result in an outlay of more money, it will help to prevent further damage, even catastrophic damage, later.


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