The coverage of a homeowners insurance policy extends to the entire household. It encompasses liability, personal property, and detached structures. Sheds, garages, pools, hot tubs, and more are line items that get to be included when seeking insurance coverage. A way to keep a property more secure and protected is to be sure that backyard nuisances are not causing underwriters to question the safety of a dwelling. The professionals at Oyer, Macoviak and Associates can draw attention to different aspects of a variety of backyard nuisances in order to keep a household safe and better protected.

Four-Legged Creatures

Pets in the backyard are a common site for many residential homes. However, there is also a substantial amount of liability risk associated with dogs, cats, and other four-legged creatures that are considered members of the family. Pets that are let loose to run are more likely to wreak havoc. There can be lawsuits and injury claims made if a cat scratches a neighbor or a dog bites a jogger. Perimeter fencing, keeping pets on leashes, and always providing adult supervision when animals are outside are three easy ways to keep the liability risk of owning a pet much lower.

Tree Houses, Basketball Hoops, and More

Every homeowner likes to participate in their own form of recreation, especially when it comes to doing so in his or her own backyard. Attractive nuisances, such as: tree forts, basketball hoops, trampolines, and badminton nets can be a lot of fun and a bit risky. A homeowner could be found responsible, if a guest is ever injured while playing basketball or climbing a tree ladder on the policyholder’s property. Even if the guest is uninvited and trespassing, there is still a level of fault that can be placed on a homeowner.

Two ways to combat the risk of attractive nuisances may be to display backyard signage that warns trespassers to stay off of the property, and to also make sure an adult is always present whenever kids are playing on the grounds.


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