Modern automobile safety features, listed helpfully by Consumer Reports, can provide more control over whether your vehicle will be involved in an accident than ever before. Here follow some of the most useful ones:

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras have become standard features in most light-duty vehicles. Essentially, every time you go in reverse, a view to the rear of your vehicle is displayed on the dash. The feature prevents unfortunate collisions as you are pulling out of your driveway or a parking space, where eyeballing it through a mirror or by craning your neck around can be most difficult.

Collision Warning

Forward collision warning sounds an alert if you are about to rear-end a vehicle in front of you. Automatic emergency braking will apply the brakes if you are in danger of ramming a car in front of you. Adaptive cruise control will keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Blind Spot Warning

Many accidents take place when you are shifting lanes. The blind-spot warning feature will provide an alert if you are about to shift lanes and are in danger of hitting or being hit by another vehicle in the lane you’re shifting to. A lane-departure warning will sound an alert if you start to drift out of your lane without using your turn signal. Lane-keeping assist will keep you in your current lane if you start to leave your lane without signaling,

When you are driving in the middle of an urban area, it is always a good idea to be alert for pedestrians who might be in your way. The pedestrian detection feature will do this task for you, sometimes sounding an alert and sometimes braking automatically if you are about to run down a pedestrian.

These and other new safety features can greatly reduce the possibility of an accident that could cause a great deal of damage as well as serious injuries or even death. You should consider adding them to a new vehicle when purchasing it.


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