Flooded roads happen from time to time, especially in the wake of a thunderstorm or a hurricane. The best way to drive through a flooded street is to not try to do so. A remarkable number of people try to drive through a patch of flooded street, underestimating the water’s depth. Such an attempt is a sure prescription for getting stalled and having to exit your vehicle. An expensive tow and repair job would surely follow.

Foot of Rushing Water

If the water is moving, the risk gets substantially worse. According to the National Weather Service, a foot of rushing water is enough to pick up a small car and carry it away. Two feet of moving water will pick up just about any private vehicle. More than half of all flood-related deaths occur when the victim tries to drive into dangerous flood waters.

If you know that a recent storm has flooded certain streets, pay attention to traffic reports on TV, and keep an eye on weather and traffic reports on the Internet. You may be able to map an alternate route to your destination by using a traffic app.

Patch Flooded Street

If you happen to be on the road and spot a patch of flooded street, stop immediately. You will not be able to judge the water’s depth just by looking at it. If you see stalled vehicles in the water, you should not go forward. Remember the phrase, “Turn Around; Don’t Drown.”

If widespread flooding has occurred as a result of a storm, stay where you are. Reschedule your appointments. Eat at home and watch TV instead of going out for dinner and a show. Take a vacation day if you are able, instead of going to work. If there is any chance that you won’t make it to your destination, don’t try.


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