Auto Insurance Claims Vehicle Damage

When a person obtains automobile coverage from their insurance agency, they typically think about being protected against fender benders, a collision, or storm damage. However, auto insurance claims can also bring about issues of liability and the payment of medical bills should an insured driver cause an auto accident that results in the injury or death of others.

Injury Liability

A policyholder’s automobile insurance will typically provide some sort of medical coverage to persons that were harmed in an accident due to the fault of the policyholder. It is important for all people to be aware of their liability limits and visit with their insurance agency regarding having the correct amounts in place.

Serious car accidents can result in ambulance rides, surgeries, hospital stays, and months of rehab. The person at fault could end up being responsible for a large number of medical bills, which means it is absolutely critical to be protected and adequately insured.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, “It’s very important to have enough liability insurance, because if you are involved in a serious accident, you may be sued for a large sum of money. Definitely consider buying more than the state-required minimum to protect assets such as your home and savings.

Property Damage

An insured driver that causes a vehicle accident is responsible for damages done to other vehicles in the crash. The driver at fault is also responsible for any destruction to a building, city landmark, or another individual’s personal property. Therefore if a street sign or storefront gets crashed into by a vehicle, the driver will likely be looking at replacement and repair costs.

While property damage liability on an auto policy typically refers to coverage for damage to other vehicles, the scope is actually a lot larger. This is good information to know and understand during the claims handling process. A helpful insurance agent and accommodating claims adjuster will most likely be on-hand to assist with these types of bills and issues, so a policyholder should never hesitate to ask questions and voice concerns.


Vehicle accidents, especially ones resulting in injuries or fatalities, can often lead to a legal lawsuit. If an insured driver is getting sued, they will have assistance from their insurance carrier up to the pre-established limits already written in their policy regarding bodily injury liability. After the coverage limits are paid, the policyholder would then be responsible for handling any additional pay-outs or settlements.

This can be a scary prospect, as court battles and lawsuits can be very expensive due to legal fees and large loss settlements. It is a good idea for policyholders to do adequate research and make sure that their auto insurance policy has a high enough limit of liability coverage. Many people may also consider purchasing a personal umbrella policy in order to be better protected in the event of a lawsuit or liability claim.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, “An umbrella policy kicks in when you reach the limit on the underlying liability coverage in a homeowners, renters, condo or auto policy. It will also cover you for things such as libel and slander.” Click here if you would be interested in an online umbrella insurance quote.

Proper Handling of an Auto Claim when there are Liability Issues

If an insured driver begins receiving notices from lawyers regarding a recent car accident, he or she should immediately alert their insurance agency. They should make copies of all notices, letters, or medical bills received that ask for payment. The insured should keep a copy for their own records and forward a copy to their insurance agent and/or claims representative for proper handling.

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