Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Car Insurance

22/01/2021By Robert MacoviakAuto Insurance

Many people do everything that they can to save money. Some things are worth it, like saving money on your groceries and other necessities. However, there are times when buying cheap isn’t always better. Car insurance is one of those things.  Here are some reasons not to buy cheap car insurance.  Cheap Insurance Won’t Cover … Read More

Three Ways to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

17/01/2021By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

Whether you’re buying your first house or burning your mortgage papers, if you own a home, insurance is a fact of life. While you can’t avoid homeowner’s insurance, there are ways to lower the cost. Below are five actions you can take to keep some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. You better shop … Read More

What Does Condominium Insurance Cover?

17/12/2020By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

If you are a member of a condominium association or a condo owner, it is wise to have condominium insurance. But you are probably asking yourself: What coverage would the insurance offer you? Is it worth it? This guide answers your questions in-depth. Here is what the insurance caters for. Damages If you run a … Read More

Types of Coverage With Homeowners Insurance

16/12/2020By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, there are different types of coverage with each. Some offer more than others so it is important to read the fine print and know exactly what is and isn’t covered. So, what are the types of coverage that you should expect with your homeowners’ insurance policy? Here are the … Read More

What Does Standard Homeowners Insurance Cover?

30/11/2020By Robert MacoviakHome Insurance

All homeowners’ insurance isn’t created equally. Some will cover more than other plans. That being said, there are some standard things that most homeowners’ insurance will cover.  Here are some things that standard homeowners’ insurance covers. Fire and smoke damage. Many plans will cover any damage to your home due to fire, smoke, and even … Read More