Many have heard that it is safe to be in a vehicle during a lightning storm, but is it true? It’s a good idea to know for sure before you drive through one of our infamous Florida thunderstorms. It’s true that you should be safe, but most people believe the fallacy that it is from the rubber tires on the road, and that is where the science breaks down.

Are You Safe in Your Car During a Lightning Storm?

There is a Science Behind it

Metal conducts electricity, so when a car is struck by lightning, it will flow around the outside of the car and then into the ground below. While it can be very loud and scary, most people walk away from a car lightning strike uninjured.

There are some things to be aware of though, which could make your car less safe. A convertible that doesn’t have a metal roof could compromise safety because it doesn’t provide a clear path for the electricity to flow. Cars with a glass roof might also be unsafe. Also, some vehicles are being made out of non-metal parts, such as fiberglass, so it is important to know about the construction of your car to determine its safety.

During a lightning storm, the safest place to be is always inside a building away from windows, but if you happen to be in your car, you should pull over and put your hazard lights on. Place your hands in your lap, and avoid touching anything that could contain metal, including the steering wheel and door handles. Anything connected to electrical is dangerous too, such as the radio, or a plugged in cell phone.

When a car is struck by lightning, people usually fare better than the car itself. Vehicles that have been hit typically have massive electrical failures and sometimes mechanical problems too.


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