Auto insurance is a necessary cost of driving, but there’s no reason to accept whatever quote your insurer gives you. With a little time and effort, there are several ways you can reduce your premiums. Here are three effective routes towards lower car insurance costs.

Secure Your Vehicle

It’s not only accidents that will result in you needing to make a claim, but theft too. You can reduce the chances of having your vehicle stolen by installing advanced alarm systems, immobilizers, and so on, and your insurer will take this into account when setting their price. Likewise, if your car is equipped with safety features such as anti-lock brakes or airbags, the potential for costly claims is reduced, so make sure you include any relevant details on your application form.

Change Your Policy Type and Options

Do you really need a fully comprehensive policy with all the bells and whistles, or will basic liability coverage be enough? Are you sure you require additional options to protect valuables left in the vehicle, or to cover windshield replacement? Stripping your policy down to the bare basics will almost always see a welcome reduction in costs, so only take on the options you really need.

Raise Your Deductible

The deductible figure on your policy is the amount of any claim you must cover yourself before a payout is made. Many policies allow you to raise this figure in return for lower premiums, and significant savings can be made this way. However, be sure you have enough cash in reserve to cover your deductible amount if you make a claim, or you could find yourself without enough funds to repair or replace your vehicle, even after the insurance has paid out.


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