Having a solid car insurance policy in place isn’t only legally essential but can also be a financial lifesaver if you’re involved in a costly accident. But what if you need to claim, and then find out you’ve made an error that invalidates your policy?

Here are three common mistakes people make which can leave them unexpectedly uninsured.

Missing a Payment

Forgetting to make one of your monthly premium payments isn’t always a disaster. If you’ve been a loyal long-term customer and it’s your first error, many companies will warn you before suspending your coverage. However, this generosity isn’t something you can rely on.

Make sure you pay your insurance bills on time without fail, or you may find your coverage is canceled at exactly the wrong time.

Allowing Other Drivers

Be very careful about letting other people drive your car, even if they’ve got full insurance coverage of their own for any vehicle. Your own policy may require a named driver or drivers for it to be valid, and going outside this will not only leave your vehicle without coverage for unnamed drivers, it may invalidate your policy completely by breaking the terms.

This is particularly important if you’ve got children approaching driving age. Don’t assume that a teen learning to drive is covered under your own insurance, and make sure to check with your insurer before letting your child get behind the wheel.

Making Too Many Small Claims

It’s a mistake to think that you should claim on every minor incident to get the most out of your policy. In fact, the opposite is the case. Even a small claim such as a broken mirror will cost the insurance company plenty in administration costs, and too many small claims will likely make the insurer hike the premium price or even refuse to renew your policy.


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