Many people have misconceptions about business insurance. This blog post will discuss three common misconceptions and then talk about how to avoid them! Some people think they don’t need insurance because they’re just starting out with their business idea or they only do occasional work as a freelancer. But even these kinds of businesses need to protect themselves from liability issues, lawsuits, and other risks.

First Misconception

The first misconception is that if your business has a lot of debt, you are not eligible for coverage because the insurance company will see this as too much risk on their end; they don’t care about how big or small an organization’s debts may be when it comes time determining what type/level of protection needs provided by them!

Second Misconception

The second common misperception people have with regards getting insured includes thinking it’s just way-too expensive – but most businesses can find affordable rates either through online brokers like Oyer, Macoviak and Associates which offer online quotes at no cost.

Third Misconception

The third misconception about commercial insurance is that it is too hard to get a quote and that it will take forever. The truth of the matter, however – you can find affordable rates through online brokers like us which offer quotes at no cost! All we need from your business are some basic information about what type/level coverage needs provided by them.


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